In this tutorial, we will be drawing 30 minutes sketch of a female model Anita. Full standing posture.

Full standing posture.

Materials used in the master class: charcoal pencil, pastel pencil, special eraser for soft materials, paper - craft, low-density paper, color - brown, size approx. A2.

Model Anita - in-studio figure drawing classes 2 hours Artacademy-NYC

The video transcript of figure drawing class:

  1. Up till 3:12 we try to draw an overall picture and main shapes of the body including legs, arms, hands, head not face, posture. Central line giving us the curve which model took while posing for the study.
  2. Between 3:30 and till 7 minutes of the video life drawing class, we recommend drawing elbows, knees, joints of legs and arms, a little hatching can be applied whilst your figure revealed shades and lights. During that period a face, eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, everything has to be in place. In order to draw it correctly try to do central face line and then find eyes. The line should not be at the center of the head but always shifter left or right where the life model is looking.
  3. In the middle of drawing sessions from till 15:23 minutes, hands, fingers, feets has to be formed and placed correctly where they belong. It can be quiet difficult considering the nature of those body parts but try to simplify forms and draw them just the right position.
  4. Finishing lines comes with white pastel pencil hatching across the light areas of the body. They highlight the shapes of muscles of arms and legs, as well as stomach and the face. Be careful as this type of pastel hard to erase.


How to make your figure drawing more realistic?

To finish the figure drawing class we have to soften the hatching areas by grinding the pastel and charcoal. It is easy to do by hand and it always

Soft white or milk color pencil can be the best choice for the details that reveal themselves under the light. To be precise, only light and shadow give us the perception of shape as it is, no light, nothing to draw.