You wish to spend more time with the artist or you have special project or art work to assist you with, then private art lessons will suit best.

Private art sessions 4 hours

Who may participate in private art lessons?

Practically anyone with or without initial training can take art lessons one on one with the artist.

The following categories will help you understand the type of art classes conducted during private sessions:

  1. Art class for adults who like or has needs in personal tution
  2. Portfolio preparation students - University or College admissions all require a decent body of art works to be displayed let alone the art exams. Do not worry, private or group art classes will train anyone from null to a intermediate level in shirt period.
  3. Project assistance - for instance you have a portrait or a project that you need us to to help you with. Do not hesitate to ask via chat online and show your preliminary sketches.
  4. Private art party for two- art master class for couples (4 hours - 2 pictures) y
  5. Private lessons for children age under 14 - it is because the nature of art classes is so complex for youngsters we came to realise that only private lessons can develop necessary art skills in younger artists.

Private art lessons can be a start in art education?

Some of us fear to take the first step and go to the actual art studio class, therefore in order to take be open for our students we recomment should you feel uncomfortable in group session, take a private class with a professional teacher. The group art classes will be seen as they are conducted within an art studio space so you will meet people and teachers.

6 hours - 3 sessions private art class

Feel free to give us a call or write to our support team in live chat below in order to register for a private art classes.

All materials are included, oil and watercolor paints, canvases, papers, pencils, spirits and palettes, seperate working station with cozy easels - no need to take anything in studio.