Here are some tips for every student looking to sharpen their artistic skills in oil painting, from beginner to advanced

Oil painting classes in Artacademy-USA (evening 7 p.m. session)

Oil painting is an incredibly far-reaching artistic practice. Even if you’re an amateur, there are plenty of reasons to take up this enjoyable art form. Oil paints are made from pigments and a binder, traditionally linseed oil, which is pressed from flaxseeds.

“Oil paintings have a great mystique and, in the minds of many, the medium is somehow more prestigious than others,” says Greg Albert, author of The Simple Secret to Better Painting.

Oil paint was discovered during the fifth century A.D. in the Bamian Valley of Afghanistan, where artists created hundreds of paintings in the nexus of caves. But the oil painting art became widespread when it arrived in Europe in the 15th century. Netherlandish artist, Jan Van Eyck is most often credited with “exploring” the practice, having experimented with oil painting techniques in his works. His revolutionary handling of oil paint was much copied and studied. Nowadays, oil painting remains to appeal with brightness and richness of its colors and what has allowed it to stand the test of time is its adaptability to artist’s whims.

How to find oil painting classes in NYC

You will need:

  1. Professional art instructors
  2. Materials
  3. Environment
  4. Location

Only professional art classes in New York should be seen as the first step towards your development in oil paint. If you want to learn how to create expressive, lifelike and thought-provoking oil paintings, you must be sure that you’ve chosen the best place for it.

Art instructors. If you don’t want to be bored in classes you must choose an awesome art instructor from renowned art school. His skills will provide you with an interesting training program and trigger best practices in your art. Professionalism also indicates by how the trainer directs to your individual needs. For instance, you travel a lot and you want to learn how to paint the nature around you. In this case, your instructor will focus on your priorities and will give you necessary skills to draw landscapes and nature.Or maybe, he knows some tricks about working with oil paints chemistry, that you never knew before.

Materials. Modern art schools use modern materials.Check if all basic materials are provided at courses. The primary medium is oil paints on canvas (mostly linen or cotton type). Oil painting brushes come in a variety of types and sizes. Despite these varieties, a simple understanding of various brush handling techniques defines the originality of oil painting. Ask your instructor about what materials the art school has. This is very important to supply yourself with qualitative must-have tools.

Environment. Interior, own working space and positive people at the art classes should illuminate your creativity and help you learn, paint and feel very comfortable. Be sure that you have enough interpersonal communication with your mentor and other students. Their advice and healthy critiques will push you to practice more and grow as an artist every day.

Location. Evidently, your oil paint courses must be very easy to get to. Shorter the distance from your job office or home – more time will be to enjoy the painting.

Oil painting classes near me

The easiest way to choose your art classes is to use Google Maps and check whether you have them nearby or not. The same thing you can do with social media. Using  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest tools may bring you more success in research, because it will be more photos and videos from classes to see.

Though, it would be better to use something more specialized like Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing, Timeout, Coursehorse. All these sites give moderated content and comments or reviews by customers. While searching, do not forget to use the keywords “oil painting”, because there may be no schools, classes or workshops in your areaoil-painting-classes

Oil painting classes in Artacademy-USA (evening 7 p.m. session) which study other forms of painting.

Are oil painting lessons for beginners or professionals?

Oil painting is widely used and is available to everyone. Any student, from beginner to professional, can express himself artistically. Maybe you are afraid to try painting, but you feel inspired by the names of famous artists or their pictures, you definitely can learn how to create artworks that you will cherish for years to come. All amateurs by the end of their oil painting classes will have a basic understanding of the concepts and principals of academic fine art painting.

For instance, training process in Artacademy-USA will definitely match your level, therefore, at the preliminary consultation, we can assess whether beginner, intermediate or advanced classes required for your needs.